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English Lessons

EFL lessons typically last 3 hours each morning/afternoon and are given by our team of skilled and experienced language teachers. The course begins with a placement test (or this can be taken prior to arrival). All levels are available, from beginners to advanced learners (A1 to C2 on CEFR – Common European Framework of reference for languages). 

Interrelated Courses 

We offer tailor-made courses that will certainly meet your students’ expectations. Apart from traditional English courses which focus on integrated learning of all four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) we provide a wide range of culture and history based classes with elements of literature and geography of Great Britain. We especially recommend interrelation of the classes with the excursions, introducing the history of chosen places prior to the visit, giving the students an opportunity to enjoy the sightseeing with more insight. This can also serve to reinforce the learning done back in school. For younger students we encourage the practical use of their language skills as they set off for the excursions. 

To facilitate their learning, we incorporate assignment completion, for instance information gathering or map drawing and games, into the learning process, as they provide structured independence helping them move through the ‘silent period’. 

Communicative Approach 

At Classes Abroad we are aware of how educational needs differ among groups of various advancement levels. We believe that all language learners in or outside the classroom need to be motivated, be exposed to language and be given chances to use it. We lead the students through the learning process by engaging their interest and emotions, activating their knowledge and providing them with necessary input to make them feel what communicating in English really feels like. We achieve these goals by employing a wide range of teaching methods with the Communicative language Teaching as our prevailing model. 

After all, “people learn languages not so that they know them, but so that they can communicate” (J. Harmer). 

Sample interrelated course

Day 1 – visit to Bath 

  • Bath as an example of Roman settlement in Britain
  •  Roman times in Britain
  •  The traces of Roman culture in modern Britain 

Day 2 – visit to Warwick 

  • Warwick Castle – pride for William I, prison for Edward iV
  •  Medieval Britain and the Norman invasion 

Day 3 – visit to Oxford 

  • What makes British universities the best in the world? 
  • How to apply to UK universities? 
  • The beginnings of higher education – the history of universities 

Anglia Examination

Booking 5 EFL sessions or more?

Why not try getting the Anglia Certificate? 


We are honored to announce that Classes Abroad are now an examination centre for Anglia Examinations. It is an international exam in English organised by Anglia Examinations England which offers a comprehensive and structured programme of assessing English language competence from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This step-by-step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress. Anglia exams measure all four language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking. There are no minimum age requirements for the exams! 

It is an internationally recognized qualification which opens doors to further education and employment. We offer the Anglia Examination to our guests who book at least 5 sessions of lessons. More information about the exam and the levels available on 



Themed Courses

The Shakespeare experience 

Themed EFL lessons complimented by theatre workshops and Shakespeare’s plays at the Swan Theatre. 
Sherlock Holmes – the great detective. 
Get to know the greatest British detective though reading and reenacting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short stories. Learn about the language and culture of 19th century England and solve a criminal mystery! 

Victorian Britain

Experience the Victorian times by exploring their language, visiting their industrial achievements and spending an afternoon in a Victorian village school. Put yourself in their shoes – literally! 
Our team of English teachers will help you design any themed course that will compliment your syllabus and excite the students’ interests!

Cambridge Certificate 

We will help your students practice the exam components, especially the speaking part! 

Where to stay - the wide range of possibilities!

How to book

Call us: if you would like to discuss what options are available to you, find out prices, availability, explore new ideas and more, then just pick up the phone and talk to one of our team.

Email us: you can contact either our UK or german office to start planning your trip.

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